Concierge Primary Care Services

What is a Concierge Primary Care Doctor?

A concierge primary care doctor is a medical doctor with all the tools of modern medicine at his disposal but with the availability and accessibility of an old-fashioned doctor.

In years past, you could pick up the phone to your doctor and see him immediately, or he would even come to your house. He knew everything about you, your health and your family. You had a relationship, the kind that the now-pervasive third-party payment system no longer allows.

With concierge medicine, you are in control. If you need more than the usual fifteen-minute consultation, your concierge physician, also known as a direct primary care doctor, is available to you. If you need your doctor to help you find the lowest price on prescription drugs, or a specialist who can best address your health issue, he is there for guidance.

Isn’t it worth the peace of mind to have such a service readily accessible to you? Imagine having an experienced, skilled physician at your disposal 24 hours a day, one who will even come to your home, if necessary. Dr. Ofer Shustik is one such doctor, the kind you rarely find anymore.

To find out more about this unique service, call 561-283-2925 to schedule an initial visit with Dr. Shustik.

Specialized Areas of Care

As a primary care physician, Dr. Shustik is a doctor who knows all about you, your lifestyle, your preferences, and your health concerns. He will address both acute and chronic conditions, and—if necessary—provide advice and guidance in selecting the appropriate specialists for advanced care.

Dr. Shustik is an experienced family practitioner skilled in treating both children and adults, from pediatric care through gerontology. This allows him to build an intimate, lasting relationship with your entire family, enabling him to see the big picture, rather than treat illnesses in isolation. What you can expect from Dr. Shustik is the same devoted care and concern that he would provide his own family, because that’s the sort of bond that will be created when you engage his services.

Disease prevention is the surest way to stay healthy. Dr. Shustik ensures you receive information on the latest advances in disease prevention, from vaccinations to recommended precautionary testing.

Living well with a chronic disease can sometimes become exhausting. Dr. Shustik is there for you to help you manage and control long-term health issues. He will provide counseling and encouragement as well as designing optimal approaches to address your condition.

To help ensure you remain healthy, Dr. Shustik provides counseling and advice on the latest research findings regarding healthy living, including dietary and exercise practices, as well as disease prevention. He also offers an annual preventive care physical examination.

For the peace of mind that comes from having a capable physician available to you at all hours, you’ll want to engage the services of Dr. Shustik. He can calm your fears, advise you, and take immediate steps to alleviate all your health concerns.

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